Palestinians In Madison

With the ongoing genocide of Palestinians, I wanted to focus a bit of my attention on the Palestinians I'm in community with. I’m hoping to make connections with a few people willing to be photographed and interviewed to highlight the Palestinian community in Madison, with the intention of telling their stories in a compassionate, candid, and humanizing way. The goal of all of my work is to help marginalized and oppressed people be seen and heard in a collaborative way without exploitation.

The shoots can be done anonymously for safety. I’m not looking for any kind of specific story, I’m not hoping for tragedy or triumph, I would just like for Madison to get to know and support the Palestinians we are in community with. Whatever your story, it’s important because it’s yours. This is meant to be a collaboration, and my photography is only a vehicle for you to be seen and heard. Your words will not be altered in any meaningful way.

The project would be hosted on my website and social media, and any future collaborations with outside publications would be done with the intention of spreading the message, not profit. I intend to be transparent about the process with all participants, as I know any spotlight on someone’s life can jeopardize their safety and wellness. I would not move forward with anything that would make any of the participants uncomfortable or put them at significant risk.

I would start with just one meeting with each participant in a place of significance for them to be photographed. That could be their home, a place of worship, a community center, a nature spot that brings them peace, their office/place of employment, even a cemetery, as some examples. Usually an hour is enough, sometimes less or slightly more. I would love to continue meeting with participants over a period of time to form a relationship and get a deeper view of what their life looks like through photographs and more extensive interviews. I am disabled and currently dealing with a significant health condition that limits my energy levels tremendously, so I can’t guarantee that the end result will be as extensive as I hope for.

I have always said that my place in any resistance is documentation. I may not always be the most perfect person for the job because I’m not part of each community, and it’s always best to support and uplift individuals doing this work in their own communities. But I believe if I have the ability to use the limited privilege I have while using the sensitivity and perspective I have from being a marginalized person myself in order to help people be seen and heard, I have a duty to do so. I’m not employed by publications, so I’m not restricted by an employer’s political affiliations, or at risk of losing my employment for supporting oppressed and marginalized people. I have the freedom to do the work that really matters - not for financial gain, likes, popularity, or fame, but out of my love for humanity and passion for photography.

It would be a great honor to amplify your voices with my photography, an honor I do not take lightly. Forming these relationships and supporting marginalized and oppressed communities is deeply meaningful to me.